Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti

I love reading The Pioneer Woman. Hell, I've even found myself envious of her life. She has some great recipes...and this is the 2nd one I've tried. I like it. It's got good flavor and it's one of those comfort foods. Here's the recipe link:

PW's Spaghetti Chicken
Josh said it tastes just like a chi-chi...which is a delicacy where he works. Ramen noodles, cheese (or cheese puffs), onions, and chicken (or other available meat). Nice.


Anonymous said...

Too funny. I made this tonight too. It's my husbands favorite and the only way my kid will eat onions and bell peppers.

Michelle said...

I love this casserole, but I've simplified it by just using cooked, chopped chicken--could be leftovers, rotisserie, etc. (instead of cooking a chicken in broth or water) and using canned broth as well. Tastes the same and is less work for a casserole. This always pleases everyone, even my toddler!

Jackie said...

That dish definitely does look comforting! Thanks for a great share!