Tuesday, August 12, 2008


When I was in college, I had a friend from Niagra Falls, Canada. Actually, she's still my friend...I just haven't seen her in 10 years! Anyway, she introduced me to great coffee and doughnuts from Tim Horton's. I thought these places were only in Canada until I saw one in Buffalo, NY last October. I didn't stop and have regretted it since.

Fast forward to today. I'm in Southwestern Ohio and what do I see? Tim Hortons! I had to go in for some Timbits. Good lord, this sounds like something terrible...use your imagination! Really though, it's just doughnut holes...but that's not interesting at all.


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Art By ASM said...

I love Tim Horton's. I have family in Canada and always get Tim Horton's while I'm there. Last time I went my daughter was thirsty and we had just entered the states, I pulled off and right there in Buffalo was Tim Horton's. I was excited because I was hoping that Tim Horton's would make their way into the US. Hopefully one day they will get to Cleveland, Ohio, but I doubt it since we have Dunkin Donuts. I love Tim Horton's and hate Dunkin Donuts. We were lucky to get some pumpkin donuts and some Mochas as well as my daughter who wanted Chocolate Milk. It was her first Pumpkin Donut and it has been over a year since I've gone to see my family and my daughter still talks about that donut. LOL! I am your newest follower and fellow blogger. I love the recipes you do have up. I hope you do more. Keep in touch and stop by!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!